Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have finally arrived - well mostly

The day has come. It's a day that all new mothers anxiously await. No, not that first night of full sleep. Baby's first real smile? Nope. Baby actually learning to keep paci in the mouth? Nope, not even that. I'm talking about zipping and actually comfortably wearing your prepardum jeans!!!

This, for me at least, comes in stages. Call me a maschist, but I'm one of those who tries on the prepardum jeans when baby is a week old. It is, first of all, key to pick the fat prepardum jeans. These are most likely your lightest shade denim. My jean expert friend, Cheri, says that the lighter shade denim stretches more during the day so success is more likely. Do I expect to really wear them that day? Heck no--although how fabulous would that be? No, success at that stage is simply buttoning and zipping at any length. Lengths such as lying completly flat on the bed and sucking in with all one's might. Don't forget the squat and stretch move to create a little more room especially with newly washed jeans. AND NEVER EVER try jeans on in the first week after a shower - even the slightes bit of humidity may hamper the process.

So week one - said jeans were on my body. not perfectly - it was actually slightly obscene, but they were on just the same. SUCCESS! And I have tried them on since that time, each time with more ease. I abandoned the bed technique after finding it no longer necessary a few weeks back. But yesterday the sun rose on me and light beams flooded on my body and my prepardum jeans simply went over my hips and zipped and buttoned with no sucking in. I heard music playing, the birds were singing... I swear my skin was glittering like Edward in the meadow. It was marvelous.

So I wore them with pride. Comfortably, all day.... Now the process begins again with the prepardum skinny jeans. Yes, I am a masochist.


Troye said...

you a trip, girl!

Teri said...

lol- that is great Kristina!! You go girl!

Amy Ruth said...

Congratulations, my friend!