Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yay, it's not last Thanksgiving!!!

I have plenty to be thankful for this year. Life is so good. I have a wonderful husband, precious boys and friends that are the best in the whole world. Can it get any better? I have to say though, I am VERY thankful that this not last year.

Last week my husband was reminiscing about last Thanksgiving, talking about all of the good memories. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Perhaps he wasn't remembering the same year. Let me share. It started off with an emergency room visit to Scottish Rite Hospital at three AM on Thanksgiving morning. I was convinced that Grant had pneumonia because he had a low grade fever and extremely congested cough. Since no Dr. office would be open, and because we were going to be headed out of town, I thought, "why not get a head start and get him to a Dr. now." Good thing we did. He was have a major asthma attack. They nearly admitted him, but sent us home at around lunch time with a heavely medicated child and strict instructions on his care. Needless to say, our trip was cancelled. We stopped at Kroger on the way home and picked up deli mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and frozen chicken tenders.

But it didn't stop there. I wish it had. On Friday, Grant started throwing up (he picked up and stomach bug from the hospital). On Saturday, a man pulled out of Kroger and totalled our Accord with all of us in it, of course. Man, we missed the gas mileage on that car this year. Then Sunday, Jaxon had the stomach virus. Got to love a toddler throwing up everywhere...

So, when my husband started going on about the good memories from last Thanksgiving, I was more than a little argumentative. I think he must be crazy, or at least his brain is kicking in a coping method. But he went on to explain about hanging out together, eating together, putting up the Christmas decorations together. OK, so maybe he's a little right.

So this year I'm thankful for healthy children and two working cars (at least they are right now). I am about to get up and cook some green beans and ice a cake. Christopher is goign to bake the mac and cheese. Then, we're headed off to South Carolina to spend time with family. Life is good.

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