Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas through the eyes of a two year old

One of my favorite parts about being a momma is watching little ones discover Christmas. This will be Jaxon's third Christmas. It is so great observing this little man figure the world out and this season will be no exception. It really doesn't take much exposure to all of the red, snow, lights and music for them to figure out that something special is going on. Jaxon really cracked me up this week. Maybe he doesn't have it all figured out as much as I thought he did. We were in Cracker Barrell waiting to be seated so we were doing the obligitory, "let's look at as many of these things -that we are never going to buy - as possible to keep entertained and not break in the process" thing when Jaxon spied a shelf stocked full of THE MAN. -- the jolly old elf himself -- reproduced in miniature about 17 times. Jaxon's eyes widened and he begin to point excitedly. I thought to myself, "look at this. he knows who Santa is! What a wonderful thing!" He then proceeds to shout, "oooh, God! God! God!" OK, so maybe his theology is off a little. At least he's figured out something - God and Santa are both big deals, and aparently both have large, white beards.