Monday, January 11, 2010

I've Gone Too Far

I have come to think of myself as a foodie.  In the past few years I've noticed my tastebuds have altered to like only really good food, in most cases (I can still rock a Coke and some peanut M & M's).  And what I really love is homemade food, from REAL ingredients.  In other words, from scratch.  No boxed mixes. 

I thought that I really couldn't dive any further into the deep end than when I started grinding my on wheat.  But apparently there is a new low.  It's really an airtight case.  I have no alibi. Go ahead and convict me based on this startling confession. 

Exhibit A - and only one exhibit is needed, that's how bad it is:

In church on Sunday, KQ was giving a really great sermon about the archeological evidences of Christ's story, and he shows us the picture of Caiaphus' remains.  The point being that up until 1990 when this box was discovered, there was no other evidence that this man existed other than the Bible itself.

I should have been thinking something profound when I saw the picture.  Like, "Wow, I love when God consistantly backs up His story."

Nope, not me, the foodie that I am.  What am I thinking?

"That's a really cool box.  Look at those designs.  That would be soooo perfect on my kitchen counter right beside Julia, my new flame orange dutch oven, only if it were about 12 inches wide of course, I can't really tell from the picture"

"I could use it to store my sour dough starter.  That is--if I even had any sour dough bread starter."

But still, wouldn't that be a great pairing?  Just move the radio out of the way and there you go.  I'll stop short of photoshopping it in, but you get the picture...

Then I realized what I was thinking and pulled myself out of my spiraling internal conversation and back to reality...  God help me.

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