Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Running a Hospital

I never knew that when I pee'd on that stick back in 2002, and the magic line appeared, that I was signing up for medical management.  That's really what mothering is all about I've decided.  or at least in my hospital, I mean house.  I will have to type quickly, because I currently have three children with three different ailments and I'm sure at least one of them will need me in the next 5 minutes. 

This is what I know of parenting.  SOMEONE IS SICK CONSTANTLY!  Maybe not at your house, but we are particularly affected because my children are allergy children.  Somone is always reacting to something, random rashes, spotty hives, eyes swollen shut, vomiting episodes... oh the joy.  But then there's the regular crap on top of that.  and then, for some reason, the NON-regular (I guess I could say irregular, but I like making up new words).

Case in point.  The last month:
The first week in January, Jaxon has what I think is an allergic reaction because his eyes are red and swelling.

Then Grant's eyes start up a few days later. Thank GOD I have the pink eye medication from last year so no doc visit required.

That same week, I notice pain while nursing.  I should have known then that it was a fabulous case of thrush in the works, but nope.  I go on with my life

Juliette then starts to get pink eye, of course.

By this point my girls are screaming with pain and I now realize I have thrush, which of course means, Juliette has thrush.  Here we go with the battle of the yeast.  If you've never fought that battle, then there's really no way to describe it.

But by then my boys are well, even if Juliette and I aren't.  So why don't we throw a stomach virus into the mix?  Thanks Jaxon.  Oh, and you'd like to share that with Grant?  OK, sure why not. And Grant, yes, please why don't you go ahead and puke on the floor at school, so at least I don't have to clean it up.  Very thoughtful dear. 

Then, of course Juliette has her first fever.  Bless her.  She didn't smile for 2 days.  Really quite pitiful.

Then she started up with rashes.  Doc says probably still yeast.  The battle continues.

Yesterday, Jax decided to take on a cold.  Please let's try to avoid breathing treatments this time.

So that brings me to this morning.  Grant has THAT LOOK about him.  That ambiguous look that tells us mommies that all is not right in the world, and please don't let it end up with more than one day out from school. 

So, yes.  I'm running a hospital...............  and asylum. and church. and juvie.  and prison.  and daycare. and amusment park. and restaurant. and counseling center.   I don't get paid enough.

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Amy Ruth said...

Poor Kristina!!! I feel slightly guilty that this entry made me laugh, but I'm sure you intended that, right? :-)