Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Don't think Jax is Shooting for the Nobel Peace Prize

My son is obsessed with guns.  With our first, Grant, we made the no-gun-rule.  Every good parent does, you know.  No shooting in my house, no sir.  No buying of guns. No giving of guns.  No pretend guns.  It worked great.  Grant has just enough of his mother in him that he enjoys making peace.  And as we all know, shooting at others really detracts from that goal. 

Then Jaxon came into our lives.  Not much shooting going on with an infant.  Then he discovered guns.  I don't even know if that's what happened really.  I think it's simply a part of his DNA.  Implanted in there when the sperm hit the egg.  It just started happening when he was coordinated enough to point his finger and pop down his thumb.

We still had the no-gun-rule.  But no matter to Jax.  Anything can be a gun - fingers, leggos, clothes, and even properly constructed Hot Wheels tracks.  And then there's the shooting noises. His repertoire is incredible. He recently acquired the machine gun. REALLY? We don't have video games. We don't even have cable.

We finally gave in and let him be who he is... and let him have a gun with his cowboy out fit.  He shot everything in sight for weeks.

I had to speak up, however, when he declared that Santa's sleigh "goes really fast and shoots."  I told him clearly that Santa does not shoot, and neither do his elves. 

I'm pretty sure that coal is going to be in Jax's stocking.... that or some shotgun shells.

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