Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Eats Like This?

I've considered an experiment, but I'm afraid to actually follow through.  I just a few moments ago completed one of my continual rituals, completed at minimum twice daily.  I swept my kitchen floor.  I really can't wrap my brain around how 5 people can create so much mess.  Seriously,  I cannot fathom how my children can gain any weight at all. 

They all three must have CMS:  Cookie Monster Syndrome - look it up... for real, I'm not making it up.  OK so maybe I am, but I have grounds for the diagnosis.  Who eats like this?  Seriously.  How is it possible that more ends up on the floor than in their mouths?  It's disgusting. 

So here's the experiment:  I thought about instead of throwing out what I sweep up, I could collect it for a month.  I could probably start a composting bin in the backyard and fertilize all of the precious little backyard gardens in the county.  So what if there is a random lego or nerf bullet?   If I sweep it up, it goes. 

I know I'm not crazy... not yet...  But these little people are slowly but surely pushing me over the edge.  I did add sweeping and mopping to the boys' chores.  It's never a thorough or complete job, but hey... I'll take it. 

So there. I feel better.  I've completed my rant ,and I will go on with my day.  I will feed my children lunch and then sweep.  We will gather around the table for afternoon snack and homework.  The crumbs will build up and one of the kids will attempt a sweep.  Then I will cook and serve dinner and will need to sweep yet again before bed.  The cycle goes on in this season of life...  But I haven't said it in a while... I'll take the crumbs and the finger prints and even the ink on the walls.  God love my babies.. I know I do.

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Jennifer said...

It's so nice to know that our situations really aren't that unique, isn't it? I, too, gave Caleb the job of sweeping after dinner. It leaves a much smaller mess for me to tackle before bedtime.

Supposedly, one day we will miss the messes as we look at our clean, empty homes. ;)