Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Have Lost My Mind

For those of you who know me - you know that I am a very busy woman.  I have my fingers and toes in a lot of projects and causes that keep my daily calendar jammed packed.   For those of you who know me really well, you know there is one arena I have stubbornly avoided.  I have seen the game and just watched from the stands...  Yes, I  have cheered with the crowd.  I have even been the bat girl a few times.  But I have REFUSED to play ball.  I have chosen to keep my life simple a little simpler and remain a spectator. 

But this year I have succumbed.  Perhaps I'm a little weak right now after a weekend away from the kids.  Or maybe I have a hormone imbalance.  Or maybe I have finally completely lost my mind.  For whatever the reason: weakness, PMS, insanity...  I have done it.  I have been drafted.  I have been handed the uniform.  It is official:  I am room mom.

So what's there to do now but don the uniform proudly, step up to bat and attempt to hit a home run.  Or at least not strike out.  I suppose I'll settle for a double or a triple.  Regardless, I will bat to the best of my ability...  and in the meantime can someone please come and dust my baseboards and clean my windows for me, because I'm pretty confident it won't happen until the end of May.


Two Dozen and Change said...

Baseboards are supposed to be dusted??

You are too cute! You will be the best room mom in all the world!

Jennifer said...

Oh, the things we do for our children! :)