Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm in Love

I love pretty things, and I love kitchen items, and when those two things combine, I can't help myself. 

Things were all fine until this week.  I was living in ignorant bliss - minding my own business - cleaning, folding clothes, working, sewing, cooking, wiping butts - the normal stuff.  It's really all Troye's fault.  I've been too crazed to check out Pioneer Woman's blog lately.  I mean really - I haven't even been blogging myself.  But she did it, that Troye,  she changed my life forever.   She said.  "have you seen the Kitchen Aid on PW's site?"  and within moments on that tiny iPhone screen... there it was... love at first sight. 

I cannot even describe the lust... the coveting... the longing.  I mean it's orange!!!  There are flowers!!!  it would match my kitchen AND Julia!!! It matches Julia!  ahh Julia... my beloved Julia.  My flame-orange dutch oven. 

This photograph is now my laptop wallpaper.  Sorry Baby Girl, you've been replaced on the screen. 

I know it's ridiculous.  And I also know that I will probably never own this.  (and before all you people out there start chiming in about the giveaway's....   be quiet... I am entering... and I NEVER win..)

So I will put her in the category of loves never held.  Desires never met.  Dreams that remain dreams.

At least I have her on my screen.


Jennifer said...

You CRACK me up! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Gaby said...

Hey! Welcome back. It's funny, Matt and I saw it last night for the first time and we were commenting about it. I just got my first Kitchen Aid ever this Thanksgiving so I think I will stick with my white one for now, but I hope you get this one to keep Julia company!